Gambling licenses

Gambling lisenses

People like entertainment. And gambling is one of the best ways to entertain people! As only a low percentage of people interested in gambling and lottery does the trip to centers like Las Vegas this is already enough that the casino owner there have got pots of money. And this even by paying up to 80% taxes. Because of the high profits gambling licenses are highly restricted. Not any entrepreneur will be able to obtain a license in the USA or in Europe. This is why we recommend an offshore-license.

The possibilities

The license allows you to conduct every gambling activity, such as:

  • casino games
  • lotteries
  • bets on all conceivable events

And best of all: you determine the winner quotes. That means you determine your profits.

Conducting business

There will be no governmental imposts and reviews on your daily business activities. In fact there is only one impost for the whole license: you must carry out the business online. But this is more an advantage than a disadvantage to you. As you know how much money casinos earn that force their visitors to travel, you can imagine how much money you can earn by offering an online casino which is available to almost everybody from his home computer. Your visitors don't need to travel, don't have to spend money for a trip, don't have to ask their bosses for holidays. They can visit your casino every day and every night. But attracting more people is not the only advantage. The license we recommend goes along with enormous tax advantages. We can get you gambling license in the following jurisdictions: in the following