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Costa Rica Gambling License

Poker Licenses, Sportbook Licence, Lottery and Gaming Licences in Costa Rica

It is permitted for businesses to conduct this activity in Costa Rica but you will need:

  • A Costa Rican Corporation
  • Registration with the tax authorities - Administración Tributaria
  • A commercial license, which we obtain from the local government authorities

These gambling corporations work under a commercial license which can be obtained; Slogold will register the corporation and obtain the permits in all governmental institutions required, and fulfill any other specific requirement.

Once this is done we obtain the legal gambling license in the name of the corporation so the client is sure that his company will have no impediments to develop the intended objective.

Having a gambling license also helps corporations reach intended objectives without impediments along the way. To this end, most corporations set up in Costa Rica obtain a license.

In order to create a corporation in Costa Rica that will allow for licensing, it must deal in network administration or internet administration. All internet addresses from Costa Rica must be blocked from the server, since it is Costa Rica's strict policy that none of their citizens participate in online gambling. One must also create an offshore merchant account to deal with the transactions.

Due to the lack of legislation and oversight for online gambling, companies based in or registered through Costa Rica are not subject to monitoring or other regulations that many offshore companies are. This also means that since there isn't a body to govern gambling, companies are self-regulated and aren't required to pay betting or gaming tax.

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