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Panama Friendly Nations Residency Visa

Obtaining residency, work permit and even passport was never easier than now, but only for Panama Friendly Nations.

In 2012 Panama president Ricardo Martinelli issued several decrees. A new class of foreigners able to qualify for permanent residency was created. This residency is leading to full Panama citizenship and a passport along with a work permit. This program is known as the Panama Friendly Nations Visa.

Panama’s friendly nations are countries in which President Martinelli declared to be friendly to Panama with economic and professional ties to Panama which currently includes the following countries:

Andorra Greece Norway
Argentina Hong Kong Poland
Australia Hungry Portugal
Austria Ireland Serbia
Belgium Israel Singapore
Brazil Japan Slovakia
Canada Latvia Spain
Chile Liechtenstein South Africa
Croatia Lithuania South Korea
Cyprus Luxembourg Sweden
Czech Republic Malta Switzerland
Denmark Monaco Taiwan
Estonia Marino United States of America
Finland Montenegro Uruguay
France Netherlands United Kingdom
Germany New Zealand  

Requirements for Applying for Panama Immigration Permanent Residency

  1. Three Passport Size Photos;
  2. A written letter stating the types of professional or economic activities you will conduct in Panama. Here are the 2 activities Panama immigration is looking for:
    1. Professional: Working for a Panama company in a professional capacity. While the decrees and Panama immigration have not come up with a list of acceptable professions, note that some are reserved only for Panama citizens like engineers, architects, attorneys, and veterinarian & medical doctors. You will need to provide a copy of the employment contract, proof that the Panama Company is registered with Panama Social Security Administration, and you have obtained a social security card.
    2. Economic: Provide documents that you are either a Board of Directors member or a major shareholder in a Panama Corporation or you own a Panama company. If the Panama Company or Panama Corporation is new, submit proof that its corporate franchise tax has been paid along with a copy of its business (commercial) license. If the company is over one year old, submit a copy of its tax return along with its business license. If the corporation is over one year old, submit a copy of its tax return or certificate of good standing. In addition, submit copies of Panama bank accounts in the company or corporation’s name along with proof of any income producing real estate owned by the company or corporation and any other income producing activities in Panama.
  3. Proving Solvency: You must submit proof that you are economically solvent by:
    1. Proving that you deposited at least $5,000 USD into a Panama bank account plus $2,000 USD for every dependent.
    2. Proving income like a letter from your employer on company letterhead describing your salary. Include a copy of your Panama social security ID card.
  4. Copy of Your ID: A copy of your driver’s license, or your country’s government photo I.D. card. A copy of your passport is also required to prove residency in your friendly nation.
  5. Dependents: You must submit a Letter of Responsibility for your dependents.
    1. Submit proof that your dependents are relatives with a copy of their birth certificates or for your spouse a copy of your marriage certificate. These copies must be authenticated by a Panama consulate or Apostilled.
    2. Dependents (not your spouse) can apply up until 25 years of age if they are enrolled as full time students.
    3. Dependents over 18 years of age must provide a notarized affidavit that they are single. These copies must be authenticated by a Panama consulate or Apostilled.

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