New Zealand financial company

New Zealand finance service providers (NZ FSP)

Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is specialised in setting up New Zealand Financial Service Provider Companies (FSP company) with Registration and Dispute Resolution, according with Financial Service Providers Act 2008.

A NZ FSP can legally engage in activities and offer services such as:

  • Deposit Taking
  • Keeping, investing and managing money, securities and investment portfolios on behalf of third parties
  • Providing credit under a credit contract
  • Operating a money or value transfer service
  • Issuing and managing means of payment
  • Giving financial guarantees
  • Changing foreign currency

Entering into or trading on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following on behalf of another person:

  • money market instruments (including cheques, bills, certificates of deposits);
  • foreign exchange (including forward foreign exchange contracts);
  • derivative products including, but not limited to, futures and options;
  • exchange rate and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps and forward rule agreements;
  • transferable securities;
  • other negotiable instruments and financial assets

In practice, a financial service provider that provides financial services without having a place of management and business in New Zealand will not be required to register under the FSP Act or become a member of a DRS (Dispute Resolution Scheme). These entities are so called offshore finance companies (OFC). The FSP Act applies to a person who is ordinarily resident in New Zealand or who has a place of business in New Zealand, regardless of where they may provide financial services from.

To conclude everything. A New Zealand Financial Service Provider (NZ FSP) is able to offer banking services worldwide without violating any international law. ASG will follow you on your business activities. ASG will help you become a Financial Services Provider (FSP), we can also help you with specific services such as Compliance, Clearing System, Web Banking Software, Mobile Banking Software, Stockbrokers, Professional Traders and SWIFT Code.

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