Alderney gambling casino

About the British Channel Islands & Alderney

Alderney is the third largest British Channel Islands. The British Channel Islands are self governing dependencies of the Crown. They are not part of the United Kingdom, nor the European Union. The Channel Islands has become one of the most recognized jurisdictions for offshore finance centers, and have also stablished themselves as an excelent e-commerce centers.

Alderney is one of the constitutive islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, it is approximately 8 miles from France and 60 miles from mainland Britain. It has its own government, legislature and company laws and operates with the same modern banking, insurance and investments laws as Guernsey. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is a statutory body responsible for ensuring that the finance industry on Guernsey is well regulated. Alderney is subject to the provisions of Guernsey taxation laws.

As a holder of an Alderney license you are allowed to take advantage of the hosting facilities and the telecommunication networks on Alderney and Guernsey. They offer high capacity links to UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

The Gambling Control Commission

It was founded in 2000, and has won the reputation of a leader in online gambling jurisdiction today. If main goal is to keep the integrity and ensure fairness of online gambling business in Alderney. The commission seeks all aspects of online gambling services to be delivered in accordance with high insdustry standards, basing on the principles if honesty. The commission claims to protect player`s interests from any kind of criminal influence.

It is a member of the Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF), and the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). The AGCC cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in regards to the gambling regulations and financial crime prevention. Alderney Gambling license is a multiple gaming type certification method. It covers casino, poker, sportsbooks, and lottery aspects.

Alderney Gaming Control Commission Licensing

Holding a AGCC license carries several economic advantages. Licensed companies for e-Gambling may qualify for tax-exempt status, meaning they do not have to pay any income tax, only a minimal non profit related fixed annual fee instead. There is no VAT or other Sales Tax applicable on Alderney, there is also no tax or other duties payable on gambling operations.

AGCC issues four main types of gambling licenses:

  • Full e-Gambling license
  • Associate certificate
  • Hosting certificate
  • Restricted use e-Gambling license

The holders of the e-Gambling are entitle to carry out any kind of online gambling business, and transactions, any kind of gaming, betting and lottery participation.

Issuing License Process

First Phase:

License application, it is a multi-step process, involving registering a company in Alderney, issuing the application Notice, submission of application documents. Also, a business plan will be evaluated. The investigation process also includes careful estimation of corporate entities, software providers and management executives.

Second Phase:

Usually conduceted simultaneously, is the evaluation and approval of the application documents. On this phase third party experts can be involved in the process. The AGCC is empowered to establish full control over the licensees`online gambling business operations. The main control issue is online player`s protection. In this respect the commision will investigated gambler`s complaints and check the precautions taken in order to prevent underage gambling.

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