Anjuan casinos

Anjouan gambling licenses

Comoros poker licences, lottery offshore license and bingo licence

The Betting and Gaming Act 2005 regulates internet betting and establishes a Gaming Board to assess each license's application.

Casino, sportbook, lottery, bingo and gaming licences are issued only to companies incorporated in Anjouan, but allow a company to engage in as many different kinds of on line gaming web sites and under as many different brand names or advertisings as desired.

With this licenses you can legally run your online gaming site like offshore casino, off-shore lottery, off shore poker room and any king of betting on sports. Anjouan (Comoros) gambling licenses have a fixed annual fee and includes all government and legal fees. There are no fees depending on turnover or any gambling tax or any tax on profit, there are no percentage of the profits. To get license it is required to have an Anjouan International business company and when formed, this company will apply for a gaming license. Applying for a gaming license is a simply but serious procedure. Applicants will need to meet various obligations, before a gaming license is issued.

When getting the gaming license, there is no requirements where to host your web site. Your Server may be located anywhere in the world, and profits may be cleared through any bank. There are no facilities in Anjouan for servers or on line banking, although it is possible that introductions can be made to banks for this service. Keep in mind also that certain countries have restrictions and you can not place your servers for gambling business there.

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