Protect yourself from frauds

  • Fraudscan (Warning them about the numerous frauds, rip-offs and scams that anybody wishing to buy a product or service on the Internet may encounter there.)
  • Interpol (Lottery fraud, Fraudulent reconstruction tenders and advance fee fraud after natural disasters, Disaster Charity Fraud, Nigerian letters)
  • About emails. Slogold do not have any emails on any other domain beside www.slogold.net. Emails claiming to come from slogold and are not from domain www.slogold.net are not from us and if sent in our name are scams. If you receive any such emails please send them to us so that we can warn any other clients. We do not hold any money from any lotteries or something like this. These are also scams.

Protect yourself from frauds

Warning about lottery scam

Warning about Bill Frazer

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