Bank for sale

Assisting with purchase of existing operating banks and financial companies.


The banking sector has always been perceived by the public, as well as by the business world, as a symbol of wealth and economic power. Offshore banks can be advantageously formed to legally save taxes and maintain earnings and profits in a low or zero tax jurisdiction.

Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is well connected in banking field so that we can help you put in contacts with owners selling their banks. We can also custom search banks based on your requirements. We can find bank that are for sale. Keep in mind that you can not do this for small amount, we are talking here about banks which hold valid bank license and are capitalization and have local presence in jurisdiction where they are registered.

If you are interested in the acquisition of existing bank or setting up new bank, please contact us, but we will require from you proof of funds that you can afford this kind of investment as a start of the procedure.

Available banks:

Bank in Switzerland contact us
Bank in Panama contact us
Bank in Caribbean $1m

Available financial companies:

FSP in New Zealand sold
FSP in New Zealand sold

Here are also details of new registrations of financial entities we can make in Panama:

Offshore Banks in Panama – Panama has both offshore and complete banks accessible for investors. A complete Panama Banking License requires a $10,000,000 cash deposit to the regime. A Panama Offshore Banking License requires a $3,000,000 cash deposit. Contact us for more detailed information.

Panama Savings and Loans (Financieras) – Panama does get savings and Loans. These entities can not provide checking accounts. Financieras in Panama are allowed to accept deposits from private or corporate investors who would be paid a certain interest rate while the proceeds of the deposits are then loaned out at a higher rate.

Panama Trust Companies –The current amount of money that required for deposit is $250,000. You need, of course, to pass legal documents and pay legal fees. A physical office and an employee workforce is also required.