Malta casino licenses

Malta Online Gambling Licensing

About Malta

Malta is a politically stable country, with dedicated legislation, real tax efficiency and a modern legal and business climate. As of May 2004 it is a member of the European Union, such Membership will benefit the country, given that it will now influence the decision-making process on European policies. Its fiscal and legislative framework emphasize on economic sectors, such as e-commerce, e-gaming and banking. As an official member, Maltese international companies can now trade freely under the “passport” system, since any license issued by the government is automatically recognized by the other EU members.

Malta's E-Gaming Industry package does not compare to any jurisdictions. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority through The Remote Gaming Regulations, issued in 2004, has made of Malta a reliable jurisdiction for both players and operators.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority is only granting license to the persons that have demonstrated “appropriate business ability to conduct the betting office successfully”

According to the Regulations there are 4 types of gaming licenses available:

  • Class 1 – Casino Style Games, Lotteries and Slots;
  • Class 2 – Sports betting;
  • Class 3 – P2P, Betting Exchanges, Skins, Tournaments and Bingo;
  • Class 4 – Software vendors taking commission on wagers

Any kind of license is granted for five (5) years, and it can be renewed thereafter for the same period.

Malta's Licensing Requirements

In order to obtain a gaming license in Malta, the Authority must agree that the applicant can meet the license obligations according to the Regulations. The process is quite lengthy, but the level of professionalism in the ALG offices is very high, so it should not be longer than 5 to 6 weeks.

Documents Required:

  • Detailed profile of the promoting company
  • A copy of the last audited accounts of the promoting company, where applicable
  • A business plan indicating the economic activity – including job creation if any – which will be carried out from Malta
  • A plan of the premises earmarked for adoption as a call center
  • Personal details of all shareholders having more than 5% interest in the local operations.

Basic Requirements

Both hardware and software involved in the operations must be located in Malta, there are companies within the territory that provide this service without having to obtain a license of your own.

Maltese residents cannot place bets with such company.

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