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SIM Card Service for Travelling

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Do you find yourself paying high roaming costs for your mobile communication when you travel?

If so, we can provide you with an efficient solution that can greatly reduce your roaming costs when you travel.

SIM4TRAVEL is a prepaid service that is created to lower your communication costs significantly when you travel. With this service, you will receive a new number and SIM card that can be used in your unlocked mobile phone when you travel.

This essential tool offers coverage in more than 190 countries, competitive international roaming rates for making calls, text and data services and client support.

Through the web, you can also update your account.

With SIM4TRAVEL, you will receive two numbers and one SIM card. One of the numbers begins with +423 and the other with +49 which is the country code for Germany.

These numbers allow you to answer calls to Germany on your mobile phone. This is useful if you are looking to have virtual presence in Germany, even though you can operate from more than 190 countries worldwide.

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