Seychelles city

Seychelles IBC benefits:

Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • Seychelles IBCs are not subject to tax on income or profits
  • 20 year tax exempt starting the day of its incorporation.
  • They also exempt from stamp duties on transfer of property and any exchange controls.
  • IBCs in Seychelles may have bank accounts and deposits
  • IBCs in Seychelles can lease properties within the territory as office, as well as keep books and records.
  • They can hold shareholders and directors meetings within Seychelles.
  • They can also own vessels and/or aircraft registered in Seychelles.
  • Directors and shareholders are not in the public record, and this information is completely confidential.
  • Since Seychelles is an independent country it does not have to share or report information to any overseas principal or organization.
  • Seychelles is not subject to EU Savings Tax Directive, unlike some of the offshore tax havens related to the EU member states.
  • It only requires one shareholder and one directors, which can be natural person or a corporation.
  • IBCs in Seychelles can have bearer shares.
  • They do not require to prepare or file accounts.

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