Financial company

New Zealand offshore finance institution key features:

  • Time Frame for establishing a new ready to operate OFC: 4-6 weeks
  • Minimum number of directors required: 1
  • Minimum number of shareholders required: 1
  • Annual audited report required: Yes
  • Local registered office and agent required: Yes
  • Tax on reported company profit (if any): 30%
  • Approved Issuer Levy (on interests paid to customers) 2%

Formation & registration

  • New Zealand registration of an Offshore Finance Institution, establishing the entity that may legally carry on the business of banking and financial services. Includes Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution.
  • A locally manned Registered Office that maintains statutory registers such as for shareholders, directors and directors certificates.
  • Support and documentation service for transactions such as appointment and removal of directors, issue or acquisition of own shares and distributions/dividends that require special procedure and care.
  • Making required filings with the Companies Office such as the Annual Return and after the issue of shares.
  • Offshore Finance Institution Compliance Manual that includes chapter on company law.

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