Financial companies

Offshore financial company (OFC):

Financial services companies

Finance company is in general company which makes loans to individuals or corporations, but in general this term can be used also for any kind of companies offering different kind of financial services like forex trading (offshore forex brokerage companies) , trading with stocks, bonds and other securities (offshore brokerage companies), money exchange, buying and selling of precious metals, money lending, money transmission services.

Offshore finance companies or off-shore financial institutions are usually registered in an offshore financial centre (OFC). Offshore jurisdictions is usually a no-tax or low-tax, lightly regulated jurisdiction which specializes in providing the corporate and commercial infrastructure to facilitate the use of that jurisdiction for the formation of offshore companies, off-shore licensed companies, for savings in offshore bank accounts and for the investment of offshore mutual and hedge funds.

Avia and Slogold Group can set up the following offshore finance entities

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