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An Offshore Brokerage license allows the holder to engage the following activities:

  • Stock Brokerage
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Issuance and Underwriting of securities
  • Asset Management
  • Transaction Clearing
  • Fund Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Currency Trading
  • Financial Advisory
  • Custody Services

Before making any transaction as a stock broker, a brokerage license is required. Some countries require to take an exam to acquire the licence, and for it the applicant has to become eligible. The applicant must gain experience in a brokerage firm, for at least four months. This exam is known as The General Securities Registered Representative Examination.

Although the process to acquire a brokerage license is lengthy and tiresome, it is a pre-requisite to begin as a stock broker in the market. Plus, having a brokerage license will bring benefits, so the time spent in getting it will be worthed.

Offshore Brokerage Account

An offshore brokerage account can be set up through an IBC, which ensures privacy when trading, since setting them up in offshore tax havens with tough asset protection laws comes along with a high level of confidentiality.

Offshore Brokerage Accounts will also give you access to international markets. So, they can trade on most of the exchanges all over the world, meaning you can purchase U.S. Stocks, mutual funds, treasury bonds, commodities, and invest in several European markets.

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