Albania private company

Albania company types

In Albania it is possible to register different legal entities. Limited Liability Company (SH.A.K.) is the most common form of entity in Albania to start business.

There are also other forms available in Albania like:

  • Limited liability company (SH.A.K.)
  • Joint Stock Company (SH.A)
  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnership
  • Holding
  • Branch
  • Representative office.

The most appropriate types of companies for carrying out business in Albania are: a limited limited company, a Joint Stock Company, a General Parnership, a Limited Partnership, a holding, a branch, and a representative office.

Limited lability company

Limited lability company is the simliest way to start business in Albania. The minimum deposit for basic capital is 100.000 Albanian Lek (approx. 716 eur). Formal registration takes only one day by electronic registration on National Registration Centre. They can choose one single shareholder and director in one person.

Joint Stock Company

For extabishment of the open Joint Stock Company bsic capital is 1.000.000 ALL (approx. 7.160 EUR) and for closed Joint Stock Company 2.000.000 ALL (approx.14.200 EUR). Public Joint Stock Company can subscribe its shares to Stock Exchange Market.

This type of company organiaze with management decisions like Board of Directors or Managing Directors or Supervisory Board.

For the Albanian entrepreneurs are also other types of companies available. They can establish general partnerships. With this type of company all members are sharing equal responsibilities and can split the profits.

Option is also to incorporate an Albanian limited partnership. This type of company can be estabilshed by two partners, one limited (must deliver a part of capital and has his/her responsiable is strictly limited by this).

If you have questions about different type of entities in Albania, do not hesitate to contact us.