Saint kitts city

Saint Kitts and Nevis IBC benefits:

Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • Flexibility of ownership and management structure.
  • There are no residency requirements for Directors, Shareholders or officers
  • Corporate or Trust entities may act as Director, Secretary or Shareholder
  • Re-domiciliation of other foreign companies into and out of Nevis.
  • There are no limitations on corporate ownership
  • Plaintiffs in adverse suit being brought in Nevis would be required to post a $25,000 bond
  • Nevis IBCs allows sole directorship
  • No corporate, income, withholding, stamp or asset tax to be paid.
  • No exchange controls or other fees or taxes are levied in Nevis on assets or income originating outside the territory.
  • No need to file corporate financial returns to be filed.
  • Shareholders, directors and officers may be from any nationality and reside anywhere
  • No annual or other reports by shareholders or directors are required to be filed in the public records of Nevis, changes of shareholders, directors or officers need not be reported to the Registrar of Companies in Nevis.
  • Bearer shares are allowed
  • Any currency may be used on the shares.
  • The corporate Secretary may be a corporation or an individual.
  • Natural or legal person can be appointed as director
  • Nevis companies may amend their Article of Incorporation, merge consolidate with foreign corporations or other Nevis corporations, or file Articles of Dissolution in accordance with liberal provisions contained in the Ordinance.

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