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If you would like to use this in your correspondence with us to ensure security and confidentiality, we are happy to do so.

Our public key is available below- just add this to your public keyring.

If you do use PGP, please don't forget to send us your public key by e-mail in the body text.

For added convenience, our public key is given here in ASCII format - just highlight it from the blank line above to the blank line below, press Ctrl+C to save it to your clipboard, paste it into a blank text file, run the file through PGP or a PGP shell and store it on your public keyring.

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32) mQENBFIKWjABCADwqZoJzBdWUhvZOiZS224J02zz4IQo4wL7CzHWyECd2E0xt2Mt uM/I1nohsxyCwwfAvhI3m2uTJcCcuSSGPAahSOmzp1igZBZuImhGTkX7NfTCRKlV a6oaUsJRoZ78SoHp4dSnDlONZF4sOYY7ZeAW29CayNTE/+zNjO5tKOmMvfSrhXQ1 DWrCU+3C+HJQJ3FSL64yJMQnDX75T3KexGjYaIMq2ZVL/pT7eMwtz1Mh3TdASwaR 01fVNIJTPeJUeagbjsJFLZGmlgsjE7lon+NIVpLajBpkQ/N1PAX2MJZcGseE+rwj VJXFmtpr5Md3D9aEzIah8H+dVfkvwUlxhQlTABEBAAG0HkFTRyBTdXBwb3J0IDxz YWxlQHNsb2dvbGQubmV0PokBOAQTAQIAIgUCUgpaMAIbLwYLCQgHAwIGFQgCCQoL BBYCAwECHgECF4AACgkQU8HXzMjkLjUamgf9Hla3Az59VUcMCcwBtz1bckN4w/ue oFQLFAbC/cVu6Grzui6h/FtjuAn7zVeQ3j1yIpyYjZSs+dWOpLsGOlyqajWmIusr 13DHNCQenVlwAV9HjNE0ZY8f7B39C+uIh5d94Dw54M/7bTZ0xpOXl5imPyLwp2Hn Ab24wH+r3A4bBbziyK8OF/gQO5bqXYATpcIbHtdAYalkCliI+5R0geUuTB9hhqk/ CYvJdLt2koMS48OnXMQ5UPylY8mL8LvyH+pId9ofNlKWd3FbPpK5C2TYBALptWno LzrdAzPPGDDvWB1FzceAFjw0BbmedRE5vS98bQ1oKSnE7bsvov/h37kJsw== =6aE6 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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