Hungary companies

Hungarian Company Formation

Hungary offered tax benefits to companies operating offshore, between 1994 to 2006, from 3 to 4% is the applicable corporate tax rate for companies who “carried out their activity abroad”. As it entered the EU, it was forced to eliminate this corporate tax tradition for offshores. Currently the corporate tax rate applicable ranges from 10 to 16%; all dividend received by companies is not subject to corporate tax, except for CFCs. No withholding tax on dividend, interest and royalties paid.


  • One shareholder required
  • One director required
  • Beneficial owner´s information is not available for public disclosure
  • No nationality requirements for directors or shareholders
  • Minimum share capital is HUF 500,000 (€1,700).
  • Annual report required after company formation
  • Required to register for VAT (value added tax)

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