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Software for betting, casino and poker

Online gambling sites (casino, poker, sportsbook, bingo, lottery) have proven to be immensely popular and lucrative. They are providing their players authentic gambling experiences as well as creating large profits for their owners. Online gambling is prohibited in many different countries. Most popular jurisdiction when somebody can obtain gambling license are offshore countries.

To obtain a gambling or gaming license is a complex process. Until you finally get the license you must pass through numerous checks and certifications. Online gambling licenses ensure the legitimacy of an online casino business. Legal online gambling businesses have at least one online gambling license, some even more mostly for advertising and minimization of tax purposes. The simplest jurisdictions to get gambling licenses are Costa Rica, Curacao and Vanuatu.

Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is specialized setting up complete gambling solution. We can set up company in Costa Rica and obtain license as well as provide you software for various online gambling services like

  • Sports betting
  • Live Betting
  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Poker (3D and Live)
  • Races
  • Pokerbet
  • Keno

These platforms all are individual, so it is possible to create several combinations. Software provider is offering a complete service, including automatic updating of schedules, odds and results.

A solution including gambling license and software is as low as 15000 EUR.

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