Cyprus private companies

Cyprus Company Formation

It is no longer the offshore tax haven, it was before joining the EU, it is still a jurisdictions many foreign investors wish to set their companies into. Trading companies are established and pay 10% on corporate income tax, which is the lowest taxation rate in Europe. Trading companies, if controlled overseas with non-resident directors, may elect to not be taxable in the country. However, this type of companies do not benefit from Double Tax Treaties.

Holding Companies, with minimum requirements satisfied, can be established with 0% tax rate on dividends receive by overseas subsidiaries.


  • No minimum share capital required.
  • One shareholder minimum required, foreign, corporate or individual
  • One director and one secretary are required
  • Annual audited financial statements and annual return must be submitted to the Registrar Office
  • Beneficial owner´s information is not disclosed to any regulatory authority.

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