Malta companies

Maltese Company Formation

According to the new Companies Act 1995, which replaced the Commercial Partnerships Ordinance, companies set up under the old regime had until January 1, 1998 to convert themselves into the new formats. “Offshore Companies” could no longer be formed, within 10 years to adapt, and they were still subject to the old Commercial Partnerships Ordinance. It is no longer possible to form International Holding Companies and International Trading Companies, today. As of January 1, 2007 the Income Tax Act was amended to create what is known as the Malta Company, these companies are still the most tax-advantageous corporate structures within the EU. A Malta Company is registered in Malta, allowed to carry on with trading, holding, investment, etc.


  • No nationality requirements for shareholders nor directors
  • The minimum share capital required is €1,200, which must be paid up upon registration.
  • Maltese companies must appoint an independent auditor.
  • Maltese companies must keep and file accounts, in regards with income and expenditure
  • Maltese companies are required to have a registered office

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