Bahamas city

Bahamas offshore companies (IBC)


Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • IBCs in Bahamas, have isolated characteristics so that while an individual may beneficially own the company, it will have its own name and that name can be fully disassociated from the beneficial owner.
  • In the Bahamas, offshore companies are tax fee
  • IBCs in the Bahamas are in no need of filing annual income or financial statements.
  • Bahamas IBCs may trade anywhere in the world
  • It is no required for the directors of the company to be residents in the Bahamas.
  • As setting up an offshore in the Bahamas, only 1 director is needed.
  • The company can be set up with only 2 shareholders
  • The directors and shareholders can be from any nationality.
  • A Bahamas IBC can do business locally and can also own real estate
  • Any transactions done outside the Bahamas is exempt.
  • Bahamas offshore company may transfer its assets in trust for the benefit of its creditors, shareholders or other persons having an interest thus providing offshore asset protection

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