Singaopre offshore companies

Establish your company in Singapore.

Singapore company formation is the most attractive, tax-efficient corporate structure in the world to conduct international business.

Singapore is the preferred jurisdiction for foreign investors and multi-national companies setting up regional or global headquarters. As a global private banking and wealth management hub, Singapore is rapidly becoming the preferred financial services centre and an attractive place to live for the world's wealthy. Singapore is the most proficient English speaking country in Asia, thus a strategic advantage for western companies. Singapore is also an excellent location to register intellectual property (IP), including global trademarks and patents.

Advantages of Singapore Offshore Companies

  1. Excellentcorporatevehicle.
  2. The corporate tax rate on income sourced in Singapore is 17% from the assessment year of 2010. However, the effective tax rate will be significantly lower for business entities that qualify to avail tax incentives. Based on these incentives, the effective tax rate can vary between 15% and 0%. Income sourced from other foreign countries, profits of foreign branches and service income sourced from other countries are exempt from taxes in Singapore.
  3. Reputable and pro-business government.
  4. Excellent political and legal framework.
  5. Good infrastructure and banking system.
  6. Fast and easy incorporation procedure - within 1 to 14 days. Generally, the incorporation process can be completed within one (1) day.
  7. Legal tax exemption for the first three years of business trading for companies that earn corporate profits in Singapore.
  8. Access to comprehensive double taxation treaties with 62 countries.

Requirements for the Incorporation of Singapore Offshore Companies

  1. One (1) resident director (Singapore citizen, Singapore PR or foreigner with a valid work permit) and any number of additional local or foreign directors.
  2. One (1) shareholder (local or foreign; individual or corporate).
  3. One (1) local resident and qualified company secretary who is a natural person (sole director/shareholder cannot act as the company secretary).
  4. $1 paid up capital.
  5. A local registered physical address

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