Seychelles companies

Seychelles offshore corporations, Incorporate tax exempt company in Seychelles

ASG is a specialist offshore company formation agent. We also specialize in Seychelles offshore companies.

Advantages of Seychelles as an offshore financial center:

  • Seychelles IBC is the most popular and versatile type of offshore company.
  • Inexpensive incorporation fees and fast registration service.
  • Seychelles IBC is not subject to any tax on income or profits.
  • Shareholders of Seychelles IBC are not subject to any tax dividends.
  • Personal details of the beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are not publicly available.
  • The legal and judiciary system of Seychelles is mixed legal system.
  • Seychelles IBC does not have any minimum paid-up capital requirement.
  • The name of the Seychelles offshore company may be in any language.
  • Only one director and shareholder are required and can be the same person.
  • All annual renewal fees are due on the anniversary of the company.
  • The name of a Seychelles IBC must end with a word or phrase or the abbreviation thereof which indicates limited liability. Examples are: Ltd, Corp, S.A., S.A.R.L., Bhd, Pty, NV., A.G., GmbH, LLC, Limited, or Corporation.

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