Nevis company

Nevis offshore corporations, Incorporate tax exempt company in Nevis

ASG is a specialist offshore company formation agent. We also specialize in Nevis offshore companies.

Advantages of Nevis offshore corporations:

  • Nevis IBC is also called Nevis Business Corporation or NBC.
  • Nevis IBC and also Nevis LLC (Limited Liability Company) are exempt from all local taxes, including income, withholding, capital gain taxes, stamp duties and other fees or taxes based upon income or assets originating outside of Nevis.
  • Information about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and officers is not available to the public.
  • Nevis legal system is based on the English Common Law.
  • There is no requirement to file an annual return nor for audited accounts to be kept for Nevis Offshore Companies.
  • Only one Director and Shareholder is required.
  • Board meetings can be held anywhere in the world.
  • Nevis asset protection provisions are superior to other countries

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