Costa Rica finance company

Costa Rica finance service company

Costa Rican financial institution

This is a Costa Rica registered SA or SRL corporation holding a license to engage in services such as: Payment Processing, Investment. The company can further engage in any lawful business which does not need license, but the license is specific to the activities listed above. The most usefull activity for most clients is the Processing of Payments. With this license, the company can demonstrate to any bank or other institutions and authorities, that the company is authorized to manage third party funds in its accounts.

Main advantages:

Registered in Costa Rica in a place not so known as being offshore financial center like Panama. The entity is tax exempt on any income derived from activities outside Costa Rica.

Main disadvantages:

Entity is no a financial institution that can accept deposits from public. This company should mainly be used for payment processing, usually for a financial entity registered in another jurisdiction. The entity should never advertise services such as lending and deposit taking.

Formation cost:

Contact us for the total cost including all government and legal fees for license and supporting services.

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