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Benefits of create your IBC in Dominica:

Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • 20 year tax exemption.
  • To set an IBC in Dominica only one director is required
  • One person can act as both director and shareholder of the company.
  • A company can act as both shareholder and director of the IBC
  • No maximum on the amount of share capital of the company
  • The registration, annual fees and license do not depend on the amount of the share capital of the company
  • Government fee for exemption of tax is to be paid when the company is incorporated.
  • The share capital can be in any currency.
  • The name and incorporation documents can be in any language, however, it does require an English translation
  • No requirement of holding annual meetings of shareholders and directors, within the territory and can also be held by other electronic means.
  • The company doesn't have to registered or operated within the territory of Dominica.
  • Closed register of the directors and shareholders
  • There are no international dual taxation agreements

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