Danish corporations

Danish Company Formation

Limited Partnership incorporates the tax transparency and flexibility of a partnership, as well as separate legal identity benefits of a company. If the LP has non-resident partners and trades only outside the country, it is exempt of tax. Limited Partnership consists of 2 partners:

  • The General Partner, has management control, shares profits in predefined proportions and has liability for the debts of the partnership. However, if it is a corporate partner, the liability only extents to the assets of the corporate entity.
  • Limited Partners, are only liable to debts incurred by the firm according to their registered investment and have no management authority.


  • Requires two partners, General and Limited Partner
  • No share capital, but “capital” that is contributed by the partners
  • No Danish corporate tax if profits are passed to the offshore partners
  • Trading accounts filed annually
  • Partnership Agreement required at registration

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