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Costa Rica offshore corporations, Incorporate tax exempt company in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the safest and most business friendly of tax havens in Latin America for new businesses, offshore investments and offshore incorporation. Onshore and offshore businesses in Costa Rica are treated in the same manner. There is territorial taxation in place, with both residents and non-residents paying tax on Costa Rican income, while foreign-source income is not taxed.

Key facts of Costa Rica offshore corporations:

  • Company’s name can be in Spanish and English and must end with S.A.
  • No corporation tax is levied on non-Costa Rican sourced income.
  • Costa Rican companies are required to appoint a minimum of three directors (president, secretary and treasurer). Additionally one statutory comptroller (any natural person) is required.
  • The minimum initial number of subscribers at the time of incorporation is two; thereafter a single shareholder is permitted which may be an individual or body corporate.
  • Costa Rican Companies are not permitted to conduct or carry out Banking; Insurance; Mutual Fund Management; Public Investment Management; or any associated activity without license.
  • Costa Rican Corporation takes approximately 2-4 weeks to incorporate
  • Costa Rican legislation requires that each corporation has a lawyer as a Resident Agent in Costa Rica and registered office.
  • Articles of Incorporation or Charter, names and addresses of the founding partners, names of the Directors and Resident Agent are public.

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