Canada interantional company

Limited Partnership Registration in Canada

Canadian Limited Partnership is a simple form of business serving as a fresh alternative to UK LLP or Scottish LP. It is most popular for international trade and for providing any type of services especially when European VAT issues need to be omitted. LP is Located in Canada which is a highly prestigious jurisdiction.

Canada LP Key Features

  • Minimum two partners, which can be private persons or companies.
  • No requirements to file annual accounts and corporate tax returns for non-resident partnerships.
  • No corporate income tax.

Popular usage of Canada Partnerships

  • International trading operations
  • Consultancy, online, marketing services
  • IT, software and web development services

Canada Partnership Taxation

Due to their non-resident structure such Limited Partnerships are not taxable. They do not pay corporate income tax. There are no requirements on filing annual account or tax return for Limited Partnerships.

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