Panama brokerage

Panama Brokerage Accounts

As a limited time offer for only $400, we assist our clients with opening personal or corporate brokerage account in Panama without personal visit!

Required documents:

  • Notarized copy of all company documents in case of corporate account
  • A notarized copy of the passport
  • Notarized copy of second ID
  • An original bank reference
  • An original commercial reference letter
  • An original utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement confirming residential address
  • Required initial deposit is $10000.

Notes: Personal visit is not required.

Licensed brokerage companies in Panama:

1 Credicorp Securities, Inc
2 Panama Wall Street, S.A.
3 Merrill Lynch International & Co.
4 Geneva Asset Management, S.A.
5 PanAmerica Capital Group Inc.
6 National Advisors Corporation
7 Lafise Valores de Panamá, S.A.
8 Verdmont Capital, S.A
9 IPG Securities, Inc
10 Westwood Capital Markets, S.A.
11 SFC Investments, S.A.
13 Panacorp Casa de Valores, S.A.
14 Advest Global Financial, Inc.
15 MWM Securities, Inc.
16 Casa Real de Valores, S.A.
17 ECG Asset Management, S.A.
18 Aliada Casa de Valores, S.A.
19 Solfin Valores, S.A.
20 Blue Numbers Securities, Inc.
21 Ultimus Financial, S.A.
22 Intelinvest Casa de Valores, S.A.
23 Intersecurities International Inc.
24 Paullier & Co. International Corp.
25 AV Securities, Inc.
26 Plus Capital Market, Inc.
27 Intervalores Broker Dealer, Inc.
28 Asset Management & Investment, S.A.
29 Globinvest Securities, S.A.
30 AIC Casa de Valores, S.A.
31 Genesis Securities, S.A.
32 IG Capital Corp.
33 Seagate Capital, Corp
34 Correval Panamá, S.A
35 Helm Casa de Valores, S.A.
36 LW Casa de Valores, S.A.
37 CMC Asset Management, Corp
38 Davos Casa de Valores, S.A.
39 MBL Financial Services, S.A.
40 Invertrade Asset Management, S.A.
41 Corredores Asociados de Panamá, S.A.
42 Swetwater Securities, Inc.
43 J. Safra Asset Management, S.A.
44 Dapes Brokers Corp.
45 Bull Capital Securities, Inc.
46 International Broker Services, Inc.
47 World Pro Fx Inc.
48 Altio Securities, Inc.
49 Aureus  Capital  Markets  Corp
52 Inversiones del Río de la Plata
53 Solidus Securities, S.A.
54 Puente Hnos. Casa de Valores, S.A.
55 Jai Valores, S.A.
56 Invertis Securities, S.A.
57 Red Tree Valores, S.A.
58 Julius Baer Investments (Panamá),S.A.
59 Holistic  Brokerage, Inc.
60 BP Securities, S.A.
61 Aktiva Casa de Valores
62 FDG Wealth Management, Inc.
63 Mcc Seminario Securities, Inc.
64 Latam Inverstor Services Corp.
65 Lyon Investment Services Corp.
66 Carlton Securities, Inc.
67 Investop Brokers, Inc.
68 TGE Securities
69 Latin American Equity, S.A.
70 Del Este Panamá Casa de Valores, S.A.
71 Capital Assets Consulting, Inc.

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