Anguilla city

Anguilla offshore companies (IBC):


Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • There is tax exemptions for offshore companies starting the day of its incorporation.
  • There are not dual Taxation Treaties with other countries; therefore there is no requirement for exchange of information with other Tax Authorities.
  • The annual fees of the IBC should be paid on its anniversary, and every 12 months thereafter.
  • There is not maximum Authorized Share Capital requirement for Anguillan companies
  • It does not require more than one (1) director. The same person can act as director and shareholder. It may be a natural person or corporate entities.
  • Shareholders and directors may be of any nationality and residents of any country.
  • Nominee shareholders and directors are allowed.
  • Shares can be issued without par value
  • Shares can be issued as Registered or Bearer form
  • The confidentiality Relationship Ordinance #10 of 1981, prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information to a person or a corporation with business affairs on Anguilla. Neither the Registrar nor Registered Agent may reveal confidential information without a Gazette order to do so, under the penalty law. Anguillan corporation information cannot be revealed by any auditor, official liquidator, lawyer, accountant, banker, etc., the common law duty of confidentiality towards a client is rigorously applied within the territory. The information on the Beneficial Owner is kept at the Registered Office and it is not available to the Public
  • It is not required to file any accounts or financial statements
  • An Anguillan IBC may own and manage vessels.

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