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Samoa Limited Liability Company

There are many aspects to Samoa that makes it attractive as the jurisdiction of choice for LLCs. The Samoa LLC is based on US Wyoming legislation and allows a Samoa LLC to be interpreted by the US IRS as a transparent entity for income tax purposes. The Samoa LLC is established under the International Companies Act (“the Act”) of Samoa. The Samoan company offers tremendous advantages to those seeking the asset protection of an offshore company with an offshore bank account. Offshore banking facilities are also available.

Registered Office/Agent

An LLC must have a registered office and agent which is normally provided for a by a trustee company located in Samoa.

Operating Agreement

A written agreement concerning the affairs of an LLC and conduct of its business may be entered into by the members of the LLC before, after or at the time of the signing of the articles of organization.

Admission of Members

A person acquiring an interest in an LLC becomes a member at the time of formation of the LLC or the time provided for in and upon compliance with the operating agreement. There are restrictions on becoming a member.

Liability to Third Parties

Every LLC under the Act is a company limited by shares. The debts, obligations and liabilities of an LLC are solely those of the LLC. They are unrelated to the manager or members of the LLC.

Exemption from Taxation

An LLC is exempt from all forms of taxation in Samoa. Naturally, one should comply with the tax laws in one's country.

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