Cook islands city

Cook Islands Limited Liability Company (LLCs)

Cook Islands LLCs regulations introduces an asset protection component as strong as they come. This jurisdiction provides one of the strongest legal statutes for privacy and asset protection from financial predators or frivolous legal actions. Now, it has introduced the next level in their legal structure portfolio, the Cook Islands LLC.

Asset Protection Benefits

These benefits allowed by the Cook Islands LLC laws are not found anywhere else in the world:

  • Any member of a Cook Islands LLC with a charging order can still act and exercise their rights as a member, there isn't a lien on a member's interest.
  • A creditor with a charging order cannot interfere or participate with the operations of the company nor can they seize, transfer or liquidate any company assets or force the dissolution of the company.
  • Foreign judgments on interest to satisfy a claim are not recognized
  • International Businesses can opt out of any asset protection statutes
  • Absolute confidentiality provided

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