Anguilla Limited liability

Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation

Anguilla has the Limited Liability Company Act, which is derived from the Wyoming LLC Ordinance, although it has been improved to fit the offshore incorporation and investing arena.

Anguilla LLCs can be established to have less than three of the four traditional corporation characteristics that the United States IRS, recognized, namely:

  • Free transferability of interest
  • Centralized management
  • Limited liability
  • Continuity of life

In these cases any offshore company formed in Anguilla would carry a partnership identification. The Anguilla LLC provides interest holders with limited liability when its properly structured and as with traditional LLC taxation, the income and losses are passed through the members. Anguilla LLCs include provisions that the company duration can be perpetual, or as otherwise permitted in the Anguilla LLC operation agreement, a feature not found in the original Wyoming Ordinance.

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