Swiss trust

Swiss trust company

A Swiss trust company is the main form of a trust that is found in offshore jurisdictions. They are one of the best known and respected vehicles in the business world. Swiss trust companies can easily function as a holding entity and a flagship structure for any company and investment. Swiss trust companies perpetuate the legacy and the tradition of the Swiss financial industry and goes beyond any business company venture that can be taken on.

Swiss trust companies provide administrators with an excellent level of discretion and security. A Swiss trust company can maintain a great number of types of assets, including real estate properties, shares, commodities, fixed income assets and cash. This flexibility combined with discretion, privacy and prestige of an experienced Swiss trust company offered to its owners, ensures that the trust can develop into essential component of added value for any company.

Swiss trust companies are extremely rare and valuable. After all, there are only so many trust companies established in the 1920s that are currently still registered and remain dormant. The main benefits of acquiring a Swiss trust company are the following:


  • The credibility of financial institutions – as a result of age and prestige, a Swiss trust company can effortlessly establish relationships with the main banks, financial institutions, intermediaries, credit card companies, etc. with more favorable conditions for its operations.
  • The credibility with clients – by taking advantage of the credibility of a Swiss trust company, you put yourself as the owner of a business vehicle that will be established with discretion, security and best client services in the world.
  • The credibility with government officials – by demonstrating the history and long record of your Swiss trust company, you will be able to enjoy more credibility from the local population, as well as from foreign authorities, thus facilitating any negotiations you may be involved in.
  • The credibility with partners and competitors– the age and descent of a Swiss trust company creates a unique business vehicle that incorporates the essence of Swiss values and traditions in the business environment today. In this sense, a Swiss trust company creates a “micro climate” for its operations to inspire respect and admiration from business partners and competitors.


  • Privacy – since share certificates are issued to the bearer, the ownership will remain anonymous from competitors and parties that are in legal disputes . Bearer shares also allow easy transfer of ownership since ownership books or documentation are not kept or disclosed by the trust. Also, the level of privacy is increased since it is almost impossible to confirm who the real owners of the trust company are.
  • Asset protection – since Swiss trust companies offer incomparable levels of discretion and protection to its owners, the external parties will find it difficult to identify or document with certainty any assets held by the company worldwide.
  • Preservation of inheritance – allowing a Swiss trust company to manage the assets ensures the protection of inheritance of spendthrift family members and other threats that may interfere with the preservation of achievements in life.


  • Flexibility – a vintage Swiss trust company is both an ideal flagship vehicle for a centralized business operation as well as an excellent holding solution for a variety of financial and tangible assets. Its unrestricted structure allows a Swiss trust company to open and maintain bank accounts an carry out business worldwide with the sole discretion of its owners.
  • Variety of assets – the Swiss trust company can own a variety of assets, including real estate, shares, commodities, fixed income and cash. It can also arrange loans, issue promissory notes, safekeeping receipts and STC to its clients and third parties.
  • Rarity – by definition, a vintage Swiss trust company is a rare investment that will help you differentiate yourself and your business from the competition of potential clients, emphasizing your uniqueness for being a veteran Swiss company.

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