Marshall island city

Benefits of start your business in Marshal Island:

Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • Marshall Islands IBCs can carry out businesses anywhere except for its jurisdiction
  • Acquire land or property anywhere in the world
  • Hold meetings of its directors or members anywhere in the world
  • Maintain corporate bank accounts anywhere
  • Issue bearer shares
  • No par value shares are permitted
  • Undisclosed beneficial owner, directors and members
  • The director does not have to reside within the territory
  • No annual return and/or audited accounts required for filing
  • The Marshall Islands has no tax information exchange treaties
  • The Marshall Islands is one of the few jurisdictions where the offshore company can be taken public; can raise capital from the public, carry out limited third party trading of securities, act as an investments adviser, and invest funds for other people
  • Only one director is required, and can be a natural or legal person
  • Only one shareholder is required, and can be a natural or legal person
  • Meetings of directors and shareholders can be held anywhere
  • Has a minimum of one share, and an unlimited maximum of shares

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