British viring island city

British Virgin Islands International business company:

Benefits of open your IBC in British Virgin Island:

Among the benefits that are specifically enjoyed are the following:

  • The IBC Ordinance assures a high level of confidentiality, since it does not require the registration or disclosure of the identities of the officers, directors nor shareholders.
  • Bearer and registered shares are permitted
  • Shares can be in any currency, and with or without par value.
  • There are no exchange controls in BVI and corporations may transfer funds with complete freedom.
  • BVI IBCs are exempt from all taxation capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales, inheritance or dividends, except for an annual license fee.
  • IBCs can merge or consolidate with BVI or foreign companies where the merger is recognized by the law of the country of residence of the foreign company.
  • It is allowed to only have one director/officer for each IBC in BVI.
  • It is also allowed to only have one shareholder
  • The details of shareholders and/or directors do not have to appear on a public file.
  • BVI IBCs board of directors or shareholders meetings can be held outside the country's territories

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