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Avia and Slogold Group S.A. (ASG) is company providing off-shore business consultancy and offshore services. From 2001 ASG is specializing in Offshore Companies registration, Off Shore Private Interest Foundation formation and Off-shore Trust set up. Incorporation of Off-shore Company either as Offshore LLC (Limited Liability Company) or IBC (International Business Company) is important tool of doing business on international level while Offshore Foundations and Off-shore Trusts are important vehicles for assets protection.

Beside Offshore Companies, ASG also specialize in formation of onshore companies, on-shore companies denote business structures in locations where the entities must pay tax. As such we can register on shore companies in most European jurisdictions like UK (UK LLP and UK Limited), Ireland (Irish Limited), Cyprus, Bulgaria, Malta, Latvia, Estonia etc. These Onshore entities must in contrast to offshore companies prepare and file accounts, like financial statements, assets etc.

ASG has good contacts and experience with banks in offshore and onshore jurisdictions and assist and introduce clients to offshore and onshore banks which we represent. ASG assists with bank accounts for day to day banking as well as saving account. For international businesses ASG help with solutions for accepting payments by credit and debit cards on web pages, called merchant accounts, which are required by offshore companies.

ASG also assist with complex offshore entities like offshore bank licenses, gambling licenses, captive insurance and reinsurance companies and offshore mutual funds. ASG can help also with economic second passport programs and residency permits for tax purposes.