Peligro de fraude

Algunas personas las cuales usan el nombre de Bill Frazer esta estafando a personas usando nuestra información de contácto. Abajo usted puede encontrar un ejemplo del email usado por esta persona. Esta persona no trabaja en nuestra empresa y nunca ha trabajado con nosotros. No responda a estos emails y no envíe ningún tipo de dinero. Estas son las llamadas letras de estafa. Sea cuidadoso. Lea más acerca de las diferentes estafas en nuestro Sitio Fraudscan.

Equipo de SloGold Inc..

We are in receipt of your claims file, REFERENCE NO: GH-G718-1 and BATCH NO: 224-DA.
Be informed that we have in our possession instruments of payment for the sum of US$1,900,000.00 to you.
I want you to know that we will need to prepare a Certificate of Prize Claim on your behalf so you are required to forward the following details to help facilitate the processing of your certificate and the release of your winnings.
1. Full names.
2. Sex.
3. Occupation.
4. Banking Detalles (Optional) as you can travel down to Madrid,Spain to personally claim/collect your prize money which totals up to $1,900,000.00.
5. Residential address&Nationality.
6. Phone number&Best Time To Call.
7. Número de fax.
8. Amount won(that is the amount announced to you by the cyber analyst)
9.A scanned identification of yourself sent via email as attachment.
You are adviced to forward these informations as soon as possible to enable us attend to your file and you are also advice to be very careful with your edirección de correo information,starting from the password to all other information you can think of to avoid counter claim of your winnings.Also,try to avoid telling too many people about your good tidings for this same reason because we have experienced cases similar to this in the time past.
You will also be required to pay a fee of USD950.00( Nine hundred and fifty United States Dollars only), or it’s equivalent in your local currency. This payment is to cover transfer charges, Insurance of vital documents like prize claim certificate and other transfer documents, handling and opening of account charges.
Note that your total prize claim of US$1,900,000.00 has been insured to the real value and as such cannot be deducted from.This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the National Gambling Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the Constitutional Assembly.This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds.
You can verify Greedyhog Gambling Lottery from or any of the internet search engines like google and others of your choice.
A certificate of prize claim along side other vital documents will be sent to you via courier service immediately transfer of your winnings is effected.
Note also that your winnings will be transferred within 48hrs after the receipt of all the requirements.
I shall be awaiting your response.
Truly yours,
Mr.Bill Frazer
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